After receiving a positive feedback in its the last year debut, Omnispace again presents OPEN PO project at the Art Jakarta 2019. OPEN PO is an alternative model for artworks selling, adapting e-commerce platform in selling t-shirts and other goods.

Open PO requires a collector to pay an advance fee to the artist before the artwork is produced. In this project prospective buyers or collectors are given the freedom to transact with selected artists and express their special requests related to the work to be collected. This project keep off the conventional artworks production-consumption which is usually present through an exhibition mechanism, where the finished artwork is exhibited before the transaction is carried out. The transactions also condition the artists to negotiate with these collectors with the determined time and production costs without compromising their idealism.

In short, this project seeks to find the most efficient way of selling works, as well as to benefit artists and collectors. Artists do not need to spend large money to produce works. Collectors can interact and negotiate with artists to get the desired artworks.

In another perspective, this project wants to show and examine to the extent to which the idea of creation by artists survives and negotiates in the midst of the circulation of knowledge and interests in the contemporary art world.

E-commerce platform also inspires us, that every transaction process has the opportunity to bring about equal dialogue between producers and consumers, sellers and buyers. We think it is also possible to apply to present that kind of dialogue in selling artworks. Thus, we create transaction platform that allows as many as possible discussions about meaningful work ideas and execution of works which involving technical matters between artists and prospective collectors. We see this as a new possibility for art appreciation, especially in Indonesia.

Omnispace invited a number of artists  to make a design or sketch work that will be offered to prospective collectors. After going through the negotiation and transaction stages, the design will be transformed into a work that will be collected.

Omnispace will continue to explore new possibilities in the development of OPEN PO, in the context of creation-appreciation and production-consumption intervention of contemporary art.